Omni Meg by PCT Systems
PCT Systems

Omni-Megtm Wide Area Omni-Directional Megasonic Processing

Omni-Meg technology uses multi-vectored processing components to evenly transfer megasonic energy directly through solid structures of various shapes and thickness to the substrate or fluid interface for optimal effect. The Wide Area Omni-Meg processing system integrates PCT’s revolutionary Omni-Meg™ Technology directly into the processing bar, enabling uniform energy distribution across both the substrate and bar even with numerous fluid jet holes in the bar’s active surface. The energy coverage is uniform even with the bar mounted face up under the substrate. Plus, the Omni-Meg™ Technology facilitates good cross-substrate energy transfer and uniform energy distribution.



Omni-Meg is available as a transducer plate OR a Wide Area Nozzle
Omni Meg by PCT Systems

Transducer Plate

PCT Systems Inc. Wide Area Nozzle

Wide Area Nozzle

  • Entire substrate can be energized without rotation
  • Processing liquid delivered directly through bar
  • Variable flow rates and pressures
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation of substrate or bar
  • Multiple fluid jets can handle liquid or gas
  • Higher gas concentrations than possible on conventional systems
  • Expandable to any length or width
  • Variable power density from 25 watts/square inch to less than 0.10 watts/square inch for demanding or gentle processing

Learn More about PCT’s Omni-Meg on our Technology Page or Contact PCT to learn what Omni-Meg™ Technology can do for you.


Omni-Meg is available as a transducer plate OR a Wide Area Nozzle
PCT Systems Inc. Transducer Plate

Transducer Plate

PCT Systems Inc. Omni Meg Wide Area Nozzle

Wide Area Nozzle

  • Improves yields
  • Reduces processing time
  • Removes smaller particles than traditional megasonic
  • Works with fragile device structures
  • Eliminates shadowing
  • Eliminates unwanted bubbles
  • Reduces energy intensive cavitation
  • Works with multiple simultaneous frequencies up to 5 MHz
  • Enhances cross substrate energy transfer
  • Eliminate standing waves
  • Runs cooler than traditional megasonic


In addition to wafer cleaning, Omni-Meg™ Technology enables you to experience significant benefits in many new application areas:



Etches faster
More thorough cleaning into tortuous paths
Removes bubbles which slow mass transfer from substrate surface


Remove particles faster
More uniform processing


Eliminates concentration polarization
Enhances plating surface uniformity


In-line processing