Standalone Megasonic Bench by PCT Systems

PCT SystemsStandalone Sonic Benches

PCT’s Standalone Series manual wet stations are constructed of either 304 Stainless Steel or Polypropylene. Standard construction methods include: reinforced plenum, lip exhaust on all chemical baths, DI and N2 guns. The wet process stations are designed for complete modularity giving the flexibility to change processes with minimal downtime and expense. Typical chemistries include: Aqueous solutions, Surfactants and Non-flammable solvents. The manual stations can be configured to include multiple temperature controlled tanks, quick dump rinsers, and Megasonic/Ultrasonic tanks.

SSB Series Product Features


FM4910 Compliant Materials
304 Stainless Steel

Process Tanks

Heated Quartz
Heated SST


SEMI S2 EPO Circuitry
N2/CDA Interlocks

Standalone Specifications

Controllers/User Interface
Microprocessor based PID Temperature controller, Timers,
Quick Dump Rinser Controls
EPO Controller with master relay, On/Off Switches
PLC Controllers with Touch Screen Optional
System Options
Tank Level Monitoring
Chemical/DI Auto Replenish
Onboard Waste Containers
CE Certification
CO2 Fire Suppression
Standard Bench Sizes: 48” x 24” x 34”
60” x 24” x 34”
72” x 30” x 34"
Tank Material Options Polypro, FRPP, PVCC, SST
DI Manifold NPP or PVDF
Tanks and Configurations
Quartz Tanks Static or Recirculating
Stainless Steel Tanks Heated and Recirculating
Ultrasonic Tanks Static or Recirculating
Megasonic Tanks Static or Recirculating


ETL & CSA certification

ETL File No. 567511 per UL 3101-1 and CSA 1010.1

CE 61010-1 approval

CE EN 61010-1 European Safety Approval

CE 55011 EMI approval

CE EN 55011 European EMI Approval

CE 50082-2 ESD approval

CE EN 50082-2 European ESD, RF, and Transient Susceptibility Approval