Transducer Assemblies

PCT manufactures transducer assemblies for a wide variety of processes and applications. Whether you prefer a submersible transducer module to retrofit into your existing tank, or custom designed bulkhead transducer plate to mount into your fabricated tank, PCT has the ability to supply transducer assemblies that will fit your process needs. Coupled with our RF Generators, transducer assemblies can be designed for a wide range critical cleaning applications.

Bath Mounted Transducer
PCT Systems

Bath Mounted Transducer

PCT manufactures bulkhead mounted megasonic transducer assemblies in Halar or Tefzel coated aluminum and stainless steel with frequencies from 450 KHz to 2.2 MHz. Our Direct Bond & Indirect transfer transducer assemblies are available with a wide variety of process tanks and constant temperature baths. We can build the tank and transducers to your specifications or we can design a custom bulkhead mount transducer assembly for your existing tank.
Because PCT’s technology allows for multiplexed operation, our transducer assemblies can be mounted in vertically in the sidewall of a tank allowing for greater design flexibility with larger substrates or complex geometry parts. Transducer assemblies come in standard wafer sizes (100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm and 450mm) — plus custom sizes.


  • Frequency range 450 KHz to 2.2 MHz
  • Direct or Indirect configurations
  • Bottom or sidewall(vertical) configurations
  • For ambient to 80C operation
  • Compatible with a variety of chemistries
  • Single and dual cassette sizes up to 450mm
  • Custom sizes and configurations available
  • Multiplexed or Full-on operation
PCT Systems Inc. Submersible Transducer
PCT Systems

Submersible Array

For those who wish to upgrade an existing static process tank or constant temperature bath to a Megasonic system, we offer our Submersible Megasonic Array with HyperClean technology. PCT’s new Submersible Megasonic Array offers you the advantage of ultra-clean substrates with the most advanced features of any megasonic unit available today.
PCT’s Submersible Megasonic Array converts your static process tank into a megasonic unit simply by placing the unit into the bath. You get state-of-the-art power and control with PCT’s computer-controlled solid-state amplifier as the megasonic energy source. Remote operation is possible with an audible or visual alarm up to twelve feet from the bath.
Convert your static process bath into a high performance megasonic cleaning system in a snap!


  • Transferable energy window (completely mobile)
  • Frequency range 600 kHz to 800 kHz at resonant levels
  • Window materials of Teflon-coated aluminum with PFA base are standard
  • Multiplexed transducers
  • Fast upgradability of existing processes (Quick Dump Rinsers)
  • Integrated control system
  • For ambient operation to 50°C
  • Single- and dual-cassette sizes available up to 300mm
Power ANY Brand Tank / Transducer with a PCT Megasonic Generator and see Improved Performance!

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