Megasonic Energy Audits

PCT regularly conducts Megasonic Energy Audits for customers in the field. These audits are performed during routine PM’s to check for energy uniformity and cleaning efficiency. This procedure allows our technicians to optimize systems or detect the need for repairs. Each audit produces a complete performance report and full system evaluation.

A PCT Applications Engineer will visit your facility, identify and troubleshoot your equipment, calibrate the system and perform on-site repairs if necessary — saving you time and money and possibly eliminating the need to ship your equipment in for repairs.

Energy Audit & Tune-Up Field Engineer Checklist:

Inspect and Analyze your system

Performance map your entire megasonic system

Calibrate transducers with generator

Tune & optimize system performance

We perform audits on competitive systems too!

Contact PCT for an Energy Audit & Tune-Up estimate, or submit your request using the RFQ form Sonic Energy Audit & Tune Up RFQ Form

Onda MCT 200 Cavitation Meter

MCT-2000 Cavitation Meter

PCT uses and recommends Onda Corporation’s hydrophones for megasonic and ultrasonic cavitation measurement

Onda’s award winning MCT-2000 Cavitation Meter provides a way to make absolute measurements of the acoustic cavitation performance in ultrasonic and megasonic cleaning systems. The instrument includes a calibrated piezoelectric sensor to detect the acoustic emissions, and an advanced meter to process and analyze the calibrated pressure spectrum. The most critical acoustic parameters are recorded which correlate to cleaning performance – particle removal and damage. These include the tank frequency (Hertz) and pressures from the direct field, stable, and transient cavitation (Pascal). Users can check the cavitation pressure uniformity, determine key parameters which correlate to cleaning, and monitor the process stability.

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