Leaders in semi conductor cleaning technology

PCT Systems Inc. is recognized as the high technology leader in Megasonic cleaning equipment with innovative technologies that provide low cost of ownership, proven reliability and unsurpassed cleaning performance.

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Omni-Megtm is a patent-pending technology that uses multi-vectored processing components to evenly transfer megasonic energy directly through solid structures of various shapes and thickness to the substrate or fluid interface for optimal effect.

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Megasonic Cleaning

PCT Systems Inc. is recognized as the high technology leader in Megasonic Technology with innovative cleaning equipment that provides low cost of ownership, proven reliability and unsurpassed cleaning performance. Find out why the energy density and efficiency of PCT HyperClean systems is superior to all other brands giving you better uniformity and results.

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Market Applications

Megasonic Systems have expanded well beyond its roots in semiconductor cleaning. Megasonic solutions are being adapted in novel substrate processing applications as manufacturers in established markets strive for increased throughput and yield and companies in emerging markets look to gain performance and quality advantages.

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Omni-Megtm Technology

PCT Systems Inc. Megasonic
PCT Systems Inc. Liquid Plasma

Omni-Meg Technology utilizes Lamb waves to produce uniform processing by creating uniform energy density and distribution across the entire surface of the transducer regardless of the substrate composition.

Omni-Meg intentionally generates wave interference patterns, then quickly and uniformly moves them around, thus eliminating standing waves. It combines waves of different frequencies and utilizes high, multiple MHz frequencies to provide the softest processing available.

By utilizing a multi-vectored or near omni directional energy flux, Omni-Meg prevents shadowing seen on conventional megasonic systems. It will also process tortuous paths within a substrate as the energy is able to travel through the substrate; thus, completely energizing it.

In the harmonically energized state, Omni-Meg Technology performs in a manner similar to conventional megasonic. In the Omni-Meg ™ state, streaming and dead areas are eliminated and a field of uniform energy surrounds and travels through the substrate. This significantly improves cleaning and processing performance. Omni-Meg Technology is fully compatible with PCT’s standard, field-proven HyperCleantm megasonic system components and generators.

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PCT Supplies Megasonic Cleaning Systems for a Wide Variety of Applications

PCT Systems Inc. Applications Disk Components

Disk Components

When huge amounts of media need to be cleaned quickly, the unsurpassed power and intensity of megasonic processing removes even those stubborn particles quickly and efficiently. When small discreet three dimensional parts need to be thoroughly cleaned even of the smallest particles, megasonic processing meets the need by sending energy through and across parts and substrates to clean in those hidden recesses and tortuous paths.

PCT Systems Inc. Applications Electrochemical

Electrochemical Processing

Whether you are plating, polishing/etching or ggrid-xing surface layers, concentration polarization and fluid stagnation in trenches and vias can lead to slow diffusion limited processing. Megasonic processing allows sonic energy to transfer through substrates and across features to maximize bulk fluid movement even in small trenches and recesses to minimize diffusion limiting stagnant locations.

PCT Systems Inc. Applications Flex Panel

Flat & Flex Panel

When you have large areas to process with sonic energy, Omni-Meg™ megasonic processing with wide area megasonic nozzle technology provides the processing fluid directly to the substrate surface simultaneously with the sonic energy to uniformly process large areas quickly and efficiently.

PCT Systems Inc. Applications LED


PCT offers sonic assisted and non-sonic tanks for use in LED manufacturing: High temperature quartz constant temperature baths for Sapphire etch process, and megasonic assisted tanks for post scribe clean applications.

PCT Systems Inc. Applications MEM's


Developing resist and wet etching substrates can be a problem because of the discrete features and tortuous paths that the processing liquid must follow. Fluid stagnation producing dead areas can lead to locally slow diffusion limited mass transfer. Megasonic processing can allow sonic energy to transfer through substrates and across discrete devices eliminating stagnant areas and increasing mass transfer rates.

PCT Systems Inc. Applications Nanoscale Particle Cleaning

Nanoscale Particle Cleaning

Cleaning of sub 50 nanometer particles is becoming a real challenge. With megasonics processing technologies multiple frequencies up to 3 MHz can be utilized simultaneously to provide special processing modes to clean even the smallest particles on the most delicate features.

PCT Systems Inc. Applications Optics


Sensitive optics can be damaged by low frequency Ultrasonic tanks causing crazing and cracking, PCT offers a wide range of high frequency Megasonic tanks for cleaning optics after various lapping and polishing processes. For superior cleaning applications without material damage.

PCT Systems Inc. Applications Resist Strip

Resist Stripping

When it is time for stripping resists, megasonic processing can be combined with dissolved ozone or other chemicals in various liquids to produce the highest gas transfer rates available. Megasonic processing can disrupt thin liquid boundary layers to enhance mass transfer of various gases and liquids needed for enhanced processing.

PCT Systems Inc. Applications Solar Cell Fabrication

Solar Cell Fabrication

When rapid particle removal, increased etch rates and substrate cleaning is required on large scale substrates, megasonic processors can assist in new manufacturing technologies.