9400 Series Universal Generator

9400 Series Universal Generator

Megasonic performance starts with the generator and not all generators are created equal. Simply put, PCT offers the most versatile and fully featured megasonic generators on the market. PCT has pioneered and developed the leading megasonic technology available in the global market with numerous patents and pending applications. Customers around the world have come to depend on PCT for the highest quality and performance megasonic systems today. With the development of super fine geometries with more fragile structures and substrates, customers need more process development options than ever before to be successful, productive and profitable. HyperClean™ incorporates PCT’s unique energy-transfer technology for superior submicron cleaning, reduced operating costs and high reliability.

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Unmatched Process Control & Flexibility

No matter what the application, PCTHYPERCLEAN™ Megasonic Generators havebecome the standard by which others are measured.No other manufacturer’s generators are able to drivevirtually any make megasonic transducer array. Sowhether a new system or replacement generator isneeded, PCT can provide Process improvement withour patented HYPERCLEAN™ technology.PCT Systems, Inc. offers complete HYPERCLEAN™Megasonic Systems including a wide tank selectionof quartz, plastics and stainless steel for any sizeapplication or substrate. Customizable transducerarrays in either direct bond or indirect transferconfigurations to offer an unequalled selection forusers to optimize their systems.

  • Independent Power & Frequency Control for each RF Output
  • Active Phase Shifting for Three-Dimensional Control of Megasonic Energy
  • Individually Configurable and Tunable for Optimum Process Results
  • Programmable Up to 8 Step Changes per Channel
  • Programmable RF Output Range up to 500 Watts per Channel
  • 4 Independent Channels with 2 outputs per Channel
  • Synchronized or Individual Control of Each Channel
  • Multiple Frequency Bands Individually Controlled
  • Patented Multiplexing for On/Off Control for pairs of transducers
  • Process Variables and Real Time Data Monitoring
  • Universal Application for Most Competitive Transducers — Matching Required
  • Over 90%+ Efficiency from the Smallest Size Generator of all Competitive Units
  • Available with three frequency band options: 500 kHz – 1 MHz
  • 1.0 – 1.5 MHz
  • 2.0 – 2.5 MHz
DimensionModel 9400
Universal Generator

Megasonic Amplifier Operation

ControllerIndependent Power & Frequency Control for each RF Output
Number of Channels4
Number of Outputs per Channel2
Maximum RF Output/Channe500 watts
Maximum RF Output per Unit2000 watts
Programmable RF Output Range0 to 500 watts per
Programmable Recipes / Channel8
Frequency Changes / Recipe4
RF Output Power Tolerance+/- 10%
Frequency Bands

1.0-1.5 MHz
2.0-2.5 MHz

Mechanical Specifications

Materials & Mounting

Anodized Aluminum with Horizontal or Vertical Mounting Options
Electrical Specifications

Voltage Rating208-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Current RatingMax 10 amps non-heated (Max 30 amps heated with Model 6000)
Environmental Operating Range0° to 27°C Operating Range, -25° to 50°C Storage Temperature Range
Frequency Resolution100 Hz
Frequency Accuracy+/- 100 Hz
Programmable Sweep
1-10 KHz
RF Output ConnectorsDB15F

External Interface

External InterfaceDB15 Male Connector, +5v Loopback – Pin 10, Liquid Level – Pin 4, Ground – Pin 8, 9, 12
Communication PortsSECS II: RS232: DB15 Male connector, Receive – Pin 6, Transmit – Pin 7,
Transducer ConnectionsDB15 Female connectors for each array/channel

Displays/User Interface/Data Storage

Display4 Line 40 Character LCD with keypad or PDA/LCD Touch Screen
Monitoring for Frequency vs. Time, Power vs. Time, and more
Data Storage Capacity2 GB
Data ExportXML Format

PCT Certifications

ETL File No. 567511 per UL 3101-1 and CSA 1010.1
CE EN 61010-1 European Safety Approval
CE EN 55011 European EMI Approval
CE EN 50082-2 European ESD, RF, and Transient Susceptibility Approval