Hyperclean by PCT Systems

About Us

PCT Systems was established in 1988 by President and Founder Henry R. Miranda, a veteran of 30 years in the semiconductor device fabrication and equipment industry.

The company is located in San Jose, California, an area of major industrial expansion in Silicon Valley and is lead by President Sharyl Maraviov who, with her experience as a chemist, design engineer and international MBA, is opening new doors and applications for PCT products. PCT has been a leader in technology development with over 30 patents issued or pending in the semiconductor wet process and megasonic technology industry. PCT offers standard and custom designed systems and components to end users and OEM manufacturers. Over the years, PCT has shipped thousand of process tanks and megasonic systems throughout the globe. Our products have been successfully used in semiconductor, solar, MEMs, Flat Panel Display, Hard Drive and numerous R&D settings in the world’s largest companies and most famous research institutions.

PCT’s products are designed and manufactured in our 10,000 sq ft. facility in San Jose, California including tank fabrication and electronics and generator manufacturing. The facility produces the full line of HyperClean™ Megasonic Systems, as well as quartz and stainless steel constant temperature baths. All products are available in either static or recirculated and filtered configurations.

The product line mainstays are the Quartz HyperClean™ Megasonic series. The HyperClean™ Megasonic uses an exclusive technology to produce the highest efficiency cleaning of any megasonic system as well as the broadest recipe programmability. This uniquely designed megasonic family offers extended accuracy, improved cleaning and greater durability.