As an industry leader PCT Systems, Inc. offers Megasonic Cleaning, a high-level acoustic technology that is a gentler way to clear impurities and can be used in wafer, optics, medical implants, and industrial parts industries. The Megasonic Cleaning system is highly specialized providing a higher frequency compared to its counterpart, the ultrasonic. 

The Megasonic Cleaning system uses a transducer which uses piezoelectric crystals to generate acoustic energy. The acoustic field created by the transducer is utilized at a much higher frequency, usually between 0.8 to 2 megahertz. Comparatively, ultrasonic cleaning uses 20 to 200 kilohertz and relies on “physical cleaning.” The resulting cavitation from the Megasonic Cleaning creates less damage and is more refined in its approach to cleaning. Specifically the resulting cavitation bubbles from Megasonic Cleaning are smaller, but the quantity allows for energetic, focused removal of impurities and microscopic contaminants without damaging fragile parts. Megasonic cleaning is used to remove particles from wafer surfaces and utilizes various chemistries to achieve an optimal level of cleaning. 

PCT Systems Inc. is recognized as the high technology leader in Megasonic Technology with innovative cleaning equipment that provides low cost of ownership, proven reliability and unsurpassed cleaning performance. Find out why the energy density and efficiency of PCT HyperClean systems is superior to all other brands giving you better uniformity and results.

How Does Megasonic Cleaning Technology Work? 

High frequency generation sound waves via a transducer is the key way the Megasonic Cleaning operates in handling the cleaning of products. Sound waves generated from the piezo transducer create alternate pressure levels between low and high. Micro-cavitation bubbles appear as a result of this wave and remove particles and contaminants from the exposed surfaces. 

Megasonic Cleaning technology highly relies on megahertz frequencies to effectively clean since the smaller energetic cavitation bubbles remove submicron particles while keeping the products intact and without damage. Conversely, the larger cavitation bubbles produced at lower ultrasonic frequencies can potentially damage sensitive products. 

The bubbles move through small surface areas, crevices, and unusual shapes and in particular the use of Megasonic Cleaning in silicon wafer is targeted, efficient and reliable. 

What are PCT Systems, Inc. goals in using the Megasonic system? 

Fast. Thorough. Innovative. PCT Systems, Inc. strives for these goals for cleaning a broad range of products — disk drive components, electrochemical processing, LED, MEMS, optics, semiconductor wafers, flat and flex panels, resist stripping, and solar cell fabrication. 

PCT Systems, Inc, designed the Megasonic system with a combination of moving-beam and phase-shifting technology to make it the most efficient cleaning system — more than 90% acoustical-energy efficient.

A compact, all-quartz vessel ensures superior cleanliness and high purity. The unit is stress free and operates comfortably at elevated temperatures while using fewer chemicals and saving valuable clean room space.

PCT Systems, Inc. utilizes a unique energy-transfer technology via HyperClean™ and incorporates a heated all-quartz unit for superior submicron cleaning, reduced operating costs and high reliability.

PCT Systems, Inc. provides reliable high purity sonic assisted solutions for applications in the manufacture of semiconductor IC’s, optics, solar cells, MEMS and other applications. Our long history of supplying the best high power megasonic systems and high purity quartz constant temperature baths means that we set the standards for those products. 

What Are the Overall Benefits in Using Megasonic Cleaning Technology

  • No moving parts for improved cleanliness
  • Improved energy uniformity—no dead spots
  • More than 90% acoustical-energy efficiency
  • Uniform particle removal
  • High-energy density with low-power output for extended transducer life
  • High-purity heated quartz vessel for the highest-purity processing
  • Easy to retrofit to existing wet stations
  • Available for wafers up to 450 mm and beyond
  • Optional filtered/recirculation version
  • Acid / solvent / stripper-compatible materials available
  • Available in manual and automatic stand-alone systems
  • Frequency range 450 KHz – 1 MHz

What Are the PCT Systems, Inc. Specific Megasonic Cleaning Applications?

Megasonic cleaning is utilized for several applications: 

Disk Drive components

When large amounts of media need to be cleaned quickly, the unsurpassed power and intensity of megasonic processing removes even stubborn particles with quick efficiency. When small and discrete three-dimensional parts require the removal of the smallest particles, megasonic processing sends energy through and across parts and substrates to clean in those hidden recesses. 

Electrochemical processing

Whether plating, polishing/etching or grid-xing surface layers, concentration polarization and fluid stagnation in trenches and vias can lead to slow diffusion limited processing. Megasonic processing allows sonic energy to transfer through substrates and across features to maximize bulk fluid movement even in small trenches and recesses to minimize diffusion limiting stagnant locations.

Flat and flex panel

When ample areas require sonic energy,  megasonic processing with wide area megasonic nozzle technology provides the processing fluid directly to the substrate surface simultaneously with the sonic energy to uniformly process large areas efficiently. 


PCT Systems, Inc.  offers sonic assisted and non-sonic tanks for use in LED manufacturing. High temperature quartz constant temperature baths, and megasonic assisted tanks for post scribe clean applications.


Developing resist and wet etching substrates can be a problem because of the discrete features and tortuous paths that the processing liquid must follow. Fluid stagnation producing dead areas can lead to locally slow diffusion limited mass transfer. Megasonic processing can allow sonic energy to transfer through substrates and across discrete devices eliminating stagnant areas and increasing mass transfer rates.

Nanoscale Particle 

Cleaning of sub 50 nanometer particles is becoming a real challenge. With megasonics processing technologies multiple frequencies up to 2 MHz can be utilized simultaneously to provide special processing modes to clean even the smallest particles on the most delicate features.


Sensitive optics can be damaged by low frequency. Ultrasonic tanks have the potential to cause crazing and cracking. PCT Systems, Inc. offers a wide range of high frequency Megasonic tanks for cleaning optics after various lapping and polishing processes. 

Resist Stripping

When it is time for stripping resists, megasonic processing can be combined with dissolved ozone or other chemicals in various liquids to produce the highest gas transfer rates available. Megasonic processing can disrupt thin liquid boundary layers to enhance mass transfer of various gases and liquids needed for enhanced processing.

Solar Cell Fabrication

When rapid particle removal, increased etch rates and substrate cleaning is required on large scale substrates, megasonic processors can assist in new manufacturing technologies.

The Bottom Line 

PCT Systems, Inc. provides reliable high purity sonic assisted solutions for applications in the manufacture of Semiconductor IC’s, Optics, solar cells, and MEMS just to name a few. Our long history of supplying the best high power megasonic systems and high purity quartz constant temperature baths means that we set the standards for those products.