Megasonic Generators & Configurable Transducers

Heated Tanks –Polymer –Quartz –Stainless

Complete Megasonic Systems

PCT designs the Megasonic system with a combination of moving-beam and phase-shifting technology to make it the most efficient cleaning system —more than 90% acoustical-energy efficient. With your choice of tank materials and optional on tank heating

Dual Multiplexed Solid-State Transducer

Greater uniform energy than any system available. Uniquely configurable to your application. Direct connection to quartz tank or liquid-coupled, bulkhead, and emersion.

  • Each Piezo tunable for optimum cleaning efficiency and performance
  • Transducer can be mounted at any angle
  • Proprietary in-house design
  • Can be directly coupled to quartz tank
  • Minimal to No cooling needed
  • For any tank configuration, Submersible Array, Quartz, Stainless Steel, Polypro-PVDF-PFA, standard and custom configurations

6000 Generator

PCT’s Active Phase Shifting for Three-Dimensional control of megasonic energy individually configurable and tunable for optimum results.

  • Power output 350 watts
  • 2 independent outputs
  • Greater than 90% efficient
  • Multiplexing from .01 to 3 seconds
  • Optional embedded temperature controller
  • Tunable to each transducer plate for optimal performance
  • Realtime process data output

Go Megasonic in Minutes Quickly Transform Your Bath into a Megasonic System

Tiger Tanks

Tiger Tank—for today’s advanced deep-submicron wafer cleaning. PCT’s Tiger Tank Quartz Constant Temperature Bath construction exceeds the most stringent demands of today’s wafer fabrication facilities.

The Tiger Tank series of quartz baths delivers unequalled performance, stability, reliability, and safety. They are available in all standard sizes and are compatible with existing standard bath controllers. Custom-size units are available on request.

The combination of a robust heating system and time-proven design and manufacturing techniques makes Tiger Tank the longest-life unit available today

Custom Built Tanks to Your Specification

Single Wafer Megasonics

PCT can design and provide customized equipment for megasonic assisted tools and transducers, heated tanks, R&D sized tools and Megasonic or Ultrasonic standalone wet benches.

Ultrasonic Stainless-Steel Tank and Generator

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Process Tanks are made to address your requirements for high performance ultrasonic “Critical Clean” application