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    PCT Systems Inc. is recognized as the high technology leader in Megasonic cleaning equipment with innovative technologies that provide low cost of ownership, proven reliability and unsurpassed cleaning performance.

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PCT Systems Mini Meg demo system

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The best way to determine if a megasonic system is right for your process, is to evaluate one in your facility with your substrates, chemistry and clean room environment. Evaluating a PCT megasonic system with your process will provide you valuable information about process improvement and particle reduction on your substrates.

Megasonic systems & products overview

Megasonic Systems

PCT offers a variety of complete megasonic systems packaged with generator, transducers and process tanks configured to meet each customer’s unique requirements.

Megasonic Generators

PCT offers three megasonic generators to meet any requirement or budget. PCT architected its Megasonics engine with moving-beam and phase-shifting technology to make it the most efficient cleaning system.

Tanks & Baths

Quartz, Plastic, Stainless? No problem. Single wafer, standard cassette, custom substrate holders? We’ve got you covered there too even oversized tanks for flat panel processes.

Transducer Assemblies

PCT is the only manufacturer that can provide three different configurations of transducer assemblies, providing the highest energy density and process control adjustability


Omni-Meg™ is a patent-pending technology that uses multi-vectored processing components to evenly transfer megasonic energy directly through solid structures of various shapes and thickness to the substrate or fluid interface for optimal effect.

Custom Solutions

PCT specializes in providing end-users and OEM’s customized solutions for their particular needs. PCT can design and provide customized equipment for megasonic assisted tools and transducers, heated tanks, R&D sized tools and Megasonic or Ultrasonic standalone wet benches.