Quick Dump Tanks

Quick Dump Rinser

PCT’s Megasonic cleaning is the most advanced solution for achieving HyperClean™ semiconductor wafers available today. It has become the new standard for constant-temperature baths.

PCT Systems Megasonic Quick Dump Rinser construction exceeds the most stringent demands of today’s wafer fabrication facilities.

The Megasonic Quick Dump Rinser from PCT is available in a variety of vessel materials, and has four-side overflow. It is designed for low water volume, while providing the ultimate in megasonic cleaning.


Removable energy window (plastic units only)
Frequency range of 450 KHz – 1 MHz at resonant levels

Vessel material of poly, quartz, PVDF, or stainless steel, PFA
Megasonic-assisted rinsing using multiplexed transducers

Four-sided overflow
Low water volume
Integrated control system