New Mini-Meg 150 Megasonic System for 6″ (150mm) Wafers

Following the successful launch and market adoption of PCT’s original Mini-Meg series, PCT Systems, Inc. is proud to announce a continuation of the Mini Meg line with the introduction of the new, larger capacity Mini-Meg 150. The MM150 carries on the full feature tradition along with aggressive pricing for what will undoubtedly be both a research or production megasonic system. The rapid adoption and move to larger wafers in LED manufacturing and expanding MEMs markets plus ggrid-xing wafer sizes in silicon, sapphire and silicon carbide are all reinvigorating mid-sized wafer production. A French market research firm, Yole Developement, recently predicted that the proportion of LEDs made on 6-inch sapphire substrates will increase to 16 percent in 2012 and more than 55 percent in 2015 The MM150 is a full production megasonic system for cleaning, process enhancement, stripping or plating that can accommodate a fully loaded 25 wafer 6”(150mm) carrier. The standard MM150 is available with a plastic or stainless steel tank, transducer plate and drain. The static tank can be self standing or mounted in a fume hood or wet bench. The three channel Model 9300 Universal Generator can produce up to 1500 watts of full power (500 watts per channel) and offers PCT’s unique multiplexing technology along with multiple recipe selection. Users can choose from 450 kHz, 750kHz or 950kHz megasonic frequencies at the time of order (1 frequency choice). Whether for production or advanced research and process development use, the larger capacity Mini Meg MM150 has an attractive base price of only $14,995 (US domestic price), thousands less than similar systems from other manufacturers. Because the systems are standard designs, delivery is only 4 weeks or less from time of order. Mini Meg systems have been used in medical device, MEM’s, LED and semiconductor applications, especially in refining and adapting new cleaning processes. For more information about the new Mini-Meg 150 please call PCT at 510-657-4412 Extension 137, email PCT at, or call your local PCT representative for an in depth look at how the MM150 could be the perfect solution for your next megasonic process upgrade. PCT Systems also offers megasonic systems for substrates up to 550mm or larger, as well a complete line of plastic, stainless steel and quartz process tanks for new or replacement installations.