Custom Designed Tanks to Your Specifications

Custom Designed Tanks to Your Specifications

Designed for today’s advanced Semiconductor wafer processing, PCT Systems custom built tanks including the Tiger Tank Constant Temperature Bath constructed to exceeds the most stringent demands of today’s wafer fabrication facilities. From a simple PVDF static tank to a complex Heated Quartz Recirculation Tank with advanced Megasonics. PCT Systems tanks deliver unequaled performance, stability, reliability, longer life, and incorporate critical safety features. Coupled with our transducers and RF Generators they can be designed for a wide range critical cleaning applications. Book a Demo


Whatever your application, PCT can provide one of over 40 standard tank designs or customize a unit specifically to meet your needs. From the most complex heated, temperature controlled quartz baths, quick dump systems or even simple static tanks, PCT’s process expertise and manufacturing experience make us an easy choice for top tier manufacturers, R&D facilities and start-ups

Tank Construction Material

  • Plastic – PFA , PVDF , PP , NPP , FRPP
  • Stainless Steel – 304 , 316
  • Quartz – Ultra High Purity

Custom Tank Sizes and Configurations

  • Single and Dual Cassette Sizes up to 450mm and Custom Substrate Holders
  • Static and Recirculation
  • Quick Dump Rinse QDR
  • Constant Temperature Tank Heater , Quartz and Stainless Steel


  • Overflow Weirs, Drains , Saw Tooth or Flat Top Overflow , Cooling Collar , and more

Megasonic Transducers

  • Bulkhead Transducer – Halar or Tefzel Coated Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Direct Bond Transducer – for Quartz Tanks
  • Liquid Coupled Transducer – for Quartz Tanks
  • Custom Transducer Sizes to Match Substrate
  • Custom Angles and Positioning of Transducers

Because PCT’s technology allows for multiplexed operation, our transducer assemblies can be mounted vertically in the sidewall of a tank or angled allowing for greater design flexibility with larger substrates or complex geometry parts.