Megasonic Quick Dump Rinser

Megasonic Quick Dump Rinser

PCT’s Megasonic cleaning is the most advanced solution for achieving HyperClean™ semiconductor wafers available today. It has become the new standard for megasonic cleaning and rinsing tanks. Book a Demo

PCT Systems Megasonic Quick Dump Rinser construction exceeds the most stringent demands of today’s wafer fabrication processes. Demanding submicron cleaning processes are further supported by Megasonic rinsing, residual chemicals and particles are quickly removed by megasonic pressure waves and acoustic streaming forces.

The Megasonic Quick Dump Rinser from PCT is available in a variety of vessel materials, and has four-side overflow. It is designed for low water volume, while providing the ultimate in megasonic cleaning.


  • Removable energy window (plastic units only)
  • Frequency range of 450 KHz – 1 MHz at resonant levels
  • Vessel material of poly, quartz, PVDF, or PFA
  • Megasonic-assisted rinsing using multiplexed transducers
  • Four-sided overflow
  • Low water volume
  • Integrated control system
  • Complete QDR functions include, Fill manifold, Dump, and Spray bar manifold